Our goal is to produce fullblood Boer goats of superior quality.  Goats that will meet or surpass the breed characteristics;and standards required to win in the show ring; while retaining the genetic capacity to fulfill their ultimate purpose as producers of quality foundation stock for the production of meat goats...

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Welcome to Heplers' Boer Goats..You will find us located in the small rural community of Anza; in the mountains of Southern California.  We're at an altitude of 4500: where we enjoy four seasons; and an ideal climate for raising goats.
As you browse our site  we will introduce you to our herd..We believe that we have put together an outstanding  group of fullblood Boer does which represent some of the finest    genetics available in the United States today.

If you have any questions; want to inquire about any of the goats you will be viewing on our site ; or would just like to drop by ;view the herd and talk goat contact us by telephone at:    (951) 763-2503
or by e-mail (see link below )
This page was last updated on: August 5, 2006
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2nd place  but VIEWERS 1ST CHOICE
Some of our online meatgoat show winners
Here  at Heplers we believe in Natural breeding only . There will be no flushes or AI done here at Heplers
                    Our herd is Cl and Cae free  Breeding healthy  sound  stock for all your needs
Recently published in Twilight Musing

    Ode To Baron Von Luchtenstein

    Proud and Noble does  he stand
    All  four hoofs upon the land
    Head of Red and body white
    Head held high displaying might
    Power strength and regal bearing
    Eyes upon him all are staring
  This awesome beast upon whom you dote
      Is known to all as "BOER GOAT"

                 Belinda Hepler

  Home of  "Boomerang"
5th ABGA Nationals 2004                 He just keeps getting better and better
    2006 Herd reduction has been a success !!
With well over 100 head  we needed to cut back to                
                 a more manageable number for us .
We want to thank everone that has purchased stock from us and wish you great success with your goats !!   Our goats have shipped across the  country and across the border as well as across the ocean !! To  Hawaii-Arkansas-Arizona -New Mexico-Texas-Mexico-Kentucky as well as California

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